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We have worked for months to craft an ergonomic fitting mask matched with the perfect cloth. We only produced 10,000 masks of each color and expect to run out fast. Try out our LUX Mask Collection and feel the difference.

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We have 4-ply disposable face masks in stock and ready to ship with your order. 

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Every American must have access to a face mask

We believe that everyone should wear face masks in public places to help protect themselves and others from airborne illnesses. We are ready to distribute a near unlimited amount of premium reusable face masks from our safe and sanitary Florida facility. 

Every order is shipped within 1 business day and our masks are processed quickly, so you’ll never be waiting long.

30,000+ Masks Donated

For every five masks ordered, we donate one mask to a local hospital. Feel good knowing your purchase goes to fighters on the frontline.


Non medical face masks can help reduce the risk of contracting airborne illnesses. 

Our non-medical cloth face masks are not FDA approved. We make no medical claims with regard to their usage. As with all health decisions, please consult with your trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal situation if you are seeking a cloth face mask to wear in relation to medical issues.