Reusable Anti-Fog Lens Cloth

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Made with ultra soft suede, wiping your glasses with this cloth creates an invisible layer of anti-fog material on your lens. For the wire-free, comfortable solution to glasses fog, pair this with your regular mask usage.

Reusable up to 200 applications.

Note: Packaging design may vary, but the cloth you purchase contains the same great anti-fog properties. Enjoy!

Original Double Layered Masks
Mask Height: 5.5"
Mask Width: 8"
Earloops: 1.5" 

LUX Masks
Mask Height: 5"
Mask Width: 8"
Earloops: 2"  

Kids Masks
Mask Height: 4.5"
Mask Width: 6.5"
Earloops: 1"  

If mask seems slightly small, try lightly stretching the mask starting at the center and working toward the earloops. If slightly larger, try putting the mask in the dryer until desired size. 

Measurements are approximate

It is recommended to wash your face mask after every use. Because of this, many of our customers choose to purchase several masks to ensure they always have one ready to wear.

Machine washing using detergent with bleach-like compounds or similar active ingredients is ideal, as microbes are killed more effectively this way. Wash at a temperature of 140 °F for best results. Always wash with like colors to avoid any color transfer.

If machine washing isn’t an option, hand-scrub your masks with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Air drying is recommended as shrinkage may occur if masks are machine-dried.

Customer Reviews

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Black face masks

I love these black face masks I have bought them several times and will continue to.

Face mask

I Love your face mask they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash

Easy on Easy off

This will be the second lot of these particular masks for me. They are very comfortable and Easy on Easy off. They are very well made and show no signs of use but believe I use them several times a day as a delivery driver.
The most recent order of 6 masks was misplaced by the USPS which I understand can happen. I notified and No Problem. The shipped a new order to me and believe it or not the masks arrived in 4 days. Love the Masks and love They understand what quality and customer service are all about.

Extreme Comfort and Reliably Secure Fitting

I have purchased four of the Fastship Face Masks and have found them to be a reliably secure fit as well as very breathable. I highly recommend them.


I love your mask. They are comfortable and the fit is better than others that I have used.

Magical Sight

I'm totally satisfied and absolutely amazed at how well the Anti Fog Cloth works. I must admit I was skeptical. However the first time I used Anti Fog Cloth I became convinced of it really works. On my way to the bus stop I saw a very small bit of fog. I stopped to give my glasses a booster wipe and voila..... No more fog for the rest of my journey. Thank you Fast Ship. You have outdone yourself!!!!!!!